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How About CNN Straight Up Omitting "Crooked" In Report On A Trump "Crooked Hillary" Tweet?

Sunday night the Donald did what he always does — tweeted about Crooked Hillary.

In reporting on the tweet, CNN did something weird — completely wiped “crooked” out of the tweet.


Look, I make a conscious effort to blog my stories from a variety of sources. I use CNN a lot because, of the 3 main cable news networks, they’re the least biased. Sure, people on both sides will say they lean this way or they’re biased that way. But they’re never as right as Fox and never as left as MSNBC. And on top of that, I mix in a lot of NYT, Wash Post, WSJ, etc. etc.

But CNN, what the hell is this? Typical election years suck. Although I do enjoy politics, the sheer longevity and depth of the presidential election process has us all burned out by about March. Then there’s 8 more months and about 500 horrible, horrible facebook statuses to go. But this cycle? Well this cycle’s been much better, much more entertaining. It’s no secret that that’s because of Donald Trump’s his hilariously ridiculous commitment to mocking this entire process and exclusively referring to his opponents with belittling nicknames.

Don’t steal that from us. We need that. Don’t try to Church up the Donald and give him to us as a presidential presidential candidate. We want the real Trump and that means Hillary Clinton = Crooked Hillary. You know that. We know that. Don’t try to pull this shit again.