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At Long Last, Fall Is HERE

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 5.33.35 PM

I tried to wait. I wanted to wait until September. But I just couldn’t do it. I was at the grocery store today to buy some lunch and this New Belgium Pumpkick label was just staring me down. Felt like no matter where I walked, what I did, it was following me around the store like the Mona Lisa. So I caved. I bought a 6 pack. And my god, they are delicious. So with that being said, I officially declare it Fall. Summer is OVER. You LOSE. GOOD DAY SIR! College football is HERE. New episodes of South Park are around the corner. Preseason football is wrapping up. Shit, it’s even going to get down into the low 60’s this week. It’s been a long summer. It’s been a hot summer. But it’s no more. Hello, Autumn, my old friend.

I’ve written about my affinity for fall/pumpkin beers in the past. Good beer is good beer, and some of them are really fucking good. Some are awful, like the Blue Moon pumpkin beer which I wouldn’t water my plants with, but some like Pumpking and this New Belgium one are mouth watering and delicious. I saw my first Oktoberfest in the stores about 3 weeks ago and held off on buying it. August 29 is as good of a day as any to get the party started. Crack one open and drink it in, mannnnnn. Best season time, fuck the calendar, milk the Fall for all it’s worth.