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Cincinnati High School Football Team Parades Gorilla Mascot Around The Field Dragging A Small Child As A Tribute To Harambe


Independent –  Cincinnati school has made a gorilla the new mascot for its football team in an apparent tribute to killed primate Harambe. Cincinnati Zoo’s male silverback gorilla was shot dead in May after a three-year-old child fell into his enclosure, prompting widespread grief and anger. And video and pictures from a local school football game have emerged, showing a person dressed in a gorilla outift chasing after somebody in a banana costume who is carrying a sign that reads: “RIP Harambe”.  In still images, the gorilla is seen dragging a child by the arm around the football pitch in a manner reminiscent of the way in which the real Harambe was seen doing to the three-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure.  In other scenes, the gorilla elicits a rapturous response from the crowd during a bout of frenetic dancing. 

Anybody who knows me know Im not a Harambe guy. I hate that gorilla. I hate the Harambe jokes. Im happy hes dead and I will be happy when the joke is dead too. But I am a big fan of completely over the top moves like this. And Im a fan of mascots. Maybe its because of Mr. Met but I’m just a sucker for a good mascot performance.

So, changing your HS football team mascot to a dead gorilla and having him drag a small child around the field as a halftime routine is a double whammy for me and its fucking hilarious. Its such an over the top move from a news story that had SO many people SO riled up I have no choice but to respect it. Like there were animal activists and all sorts of people who were so devastated by Harambe’s death, and this high school just makes a complete mockery of the whole situation by having a gorilla mascot drag a small child around a football field. Respect to whoever at that school green lit that idea. Funny is funny, and that picture – in Cincinnati no less – is fucking funny.