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FS1 Trolled ESPN By Putting Up Skip Bayless Billboards All Over Bristol

TMZ- Skip Bayless just left ESPN — but he still lives on in Bristol — courtesy of his new employer, FS1, which just put up a handful of billboards trolling the mothership right in the center of ESPN country. Of course, Skip recently ended his 23 year run on ESPN and is about to launch his new show, “Undisputed,” on FS1 … which debuts next week. Which is why it’s probably no coincidence that a couple of billboards just went up on a main road near ESPN headquarters — where ESPN staffers will undoubtedly notice them.

Oooooh sick burn FS1! Nothing hurts more than having a bunch of billboards pop up in your backyard. Especially when said backyard is a random town in the middle of Bumblefuck Connecticut whose second biggest claim to fame is that Aaron Hernandez grew up there. I still don’t know how the hell billboards are still one of the ways people zing each other when we have the internet, a billion TV channels, and diss tracks as an option. But that’s just how FS1 rolls I guess.

I know when FS1 first launched they wanted to kill ESPN. But now it just seems like they want to troll them. I mean I’m sure ESPN hates losing ratings and controversy magnets like Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd because that leads to a ton of money. But is it really that hard to find people to drop hot sports takes in the year 2016 of our Lord and savior? Fuck no. Just go on Twitter or any of the billions of comment sections across the internet during football season and you can probably find their replacements in two seconds. I actually appreciate that all these former ESPN personalities I hate are heading to FS1 together because it makes them that much easier to ignore. I can just forget (or never learn, to be honest) which channel FS1 is in my brain and it’s just like putting all the apps I don’t use but can’t delete in the same folder on the last page of my iPhone.

However, this is still my favorite billboard burn of all-time, setup right outside Madison Square Garden.

Seriously though guys, never forget.


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