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Chance The Rapper Damn Near Had A Heart Attack After Beyonce Hugged Him

That’s the peak. The peak for a famous person is when other famous people almost have heart attacks when they touch them. If a famous person meets a regular person, the regular person will remember that interaction for the rest of their lives. That’s a given. But here’s the Beyonce difference. Every famous person that meets her will always remember their interaction with her because she’s that much more famous than even the most famous people. Famous people interact with so many other famous people that they’re likely to forget most of the interactions. Not Beyonce. It’s the Prince Effect. People have endless Prince stories because he was basically a mythical figure. Beyonce currently resides in that zone. That’s why Chance The Rapper almost broke down crying when Beyonce just touched him. I’m not the biggest Beyonce person in the world but it’s kinda cool to be around when she’s at her most relevant.

PS- Everybody was saying Beyonce’s dress was great last night just because it was Beyonce, right? Had to be. Cause that dress is a piece of shit.

Double PS- If you’re like me and don’t know much about Chance The Rapper, I highly recommend reading this GQ article on him. Awesome piece.