Joe Biden Just Gave Amtrak 2 Billion Dollars To Make The Acela Trains Faster. HUGE


WASHINGTONA new era of high-speed train travel is coming to the nation’s busiest rail corridor. Federal officials Friday announced a $2.45 billion loan to Amtrak for the purchase of state-of-the-art trains to replace the aging Acela trains that use the Northeast Corridor from Washington to Boston. Amtrak plans to put the first of 28 new trains into service in about five years. Once they are fully deployed, officials expect the Acela to depart every half-hour between Washington and New York and every hour between New York and Boston. That should increase passenger capacity by about 40 percent, they said. While the new trains will not approach the speeds of some Asian and European trains, officials said they hoped that the new Acela would travel at 160 mph in some places, up from 135 mph now. The trains will theoretically be able to go faster than 160 mph, though that would require a huge upgrade of the track system. Vice President Joe Biden, a longtime Amtrak supporter who frequently travels by train between Washington and his home in Delaware, announced the loan at the station in Wilmington that is named in his honor. “We need these kinds of investments to keep this region — and our whole country — moving, and to create new jobs,” Biden said. Officials said about $2 billion would be spent on the new trains. The rest of the loan will be used to upgrade several stations, including those in New York and Washington, and to improve track reliability and safety. “This is a serious, serious upgrade,” Biden said. “You would need seven more lanes on I-95 to accommodate the traffic if Amtrak shut down.”

Listen nobody hates politicians more than me. I don’t think they’ve done anything worthwhile basically in my entire lifetime. All they do is argue, lie and point the finger at each other blah, blah, blah. But this move by Joltin Joe Biden? Loaning Acela 2.45 billion to redo the Acela trains? This is big time stuff. I mean it’s about time we get some faster fucking trains up in this joint. Like the fact European trains go faster than our trains is a flat out joke. If Europe has bullet trains we should have super bullet trains. We should be able to cut the Acela Express Boston to NY trip from 3:45 to 2:45. That would literally change the world. Listen I’m already a train guy. Flying sucks. Driving sucks. Train is the best option but it still takes too long. It should not be a 4 hour round trip from Boston to New York. It just shouldn’t be. It should be max 2:45 all in. That’s the goal. Forget all the other shit politicians do. It’s useless and for poor people. Get business people from Boston to NY in under 3 hours.  And while we’re at it let’s figure it out so the internet actually works the entire train ride. Do that and I’d walk through the bowels of hell for you. GoJoeGo!