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Love This Fugitive Chick Who Asked The Police To Use A More Attractive Picture Of Her On Facebook

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIAAn 18-year-old girl who had escaped from an Australian correction center responded to police after her mug shot was posted on Facebook. She asked them to please, use a better picture of her. She even provided the picture for them. Amy Sharp escaped from Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex on August 19th. So the police released her mug shots to the media and asked the public to be on the watch for her.

Gotta respect this kind of narcissism from Amy Sharp here. What’s the point of having your freedom is everyone thinks you’re some haggard bimbo? Answer: there is no point. People thinking you’re ugly is literally worse than being in jail. If someone tags you in a bad pic on the book, even if that someone happens to be the police, then you need to rectify that situation immediately. You could simply untag it, but that means the pic is still out there. Best course of action is to comment on the pic, demand it’s changed, reveal your location to local authorities, and get yourself discovered and arrested. Only thing that makes any sense, if you ask me and Amy.