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Congratulations To Mac Miller On Dating Ariana Grande

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So this was my main takeaway from last night’s VMAs other than my girl Britney REALLY can’t sing (or even really dance) anymore. Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are dating. Power couple central. There had been rumors about them but now it’s officially official. Incredibly dope. Is it weird that I feel like a proud papa seeing Mac Miller date an absolute smoke bomb like Ariana? Well I do. Mac is only 3 years younger than me but I feel like I’ve been listening to his music since he was 14 years old. Best Day Ever might be my favorite mixtape of all time. I was actually shocked when I read his Wikipedia page and it said he was only 24. I remember a buddy of mine bumping Mac Miller’s music in college, me asking who it was and him responding, “Some white kid from Pittsburgh.” Well now that white kid from Pittsburgh is smashing one of the hottest young singers in the world and it has me beaming with pride. Proud of you, Mac.