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If This Preseason Block Is Any Indication, Joel Embiid Is Going To Be A MONSTER In The NBA

Get that weak ass shit outta here, twerp. Jo Jo don’t play no games. Kid hasn’t been able to see any NBA action in the past 2 years. You really think he’s gonna let some snot-nosed brat who doesn’t even know how to tie his own shoes yet ball on him? Fuck no. Kid got owned so bad that he’ll be having to see this ownage on the cover of Highlights magazine. Stick to coloring books and play-doh, kid. Wouldn’t surprise me if this kid’s parents put him up for adoption as soon as they get home. How can you continue raising a kid after such a thing? You can’t. Joel Embiid is here and he’s making statements wherever he goes. Could be at practice against nobody. Could be on the court against some 1st grader down the shore. That’s what you want to see in your future franchise star. Somebody who only cares about winning and competing no matter where they are. What an animal.

Seriously, has anybody ever been more entertaining while essentially doing nothing than Joel Embiid? Hasn’t played a single second of meaningful basketball for the Sixers yet he’s still a star in this city. #WeAllFromAfrica