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"WE WANT WAR, FUCK THE PEACE" Is How You Get Motivated For a Preseason Game

That is an all time pump up speech, and somehow it’s only for a preseason game. “WE WANT WAR, FUCK THE PEACE” for preseason game number 3. Don’t tell Martrell Spaight these games don’t matter. Shit, don’t tell me either. Where’s my helmet, put me in. That’s something right out of the Barstool Nate school of motivating your coworkers. He is ready to run through a brick wall and quite frankly I am too. I mean let’s pump the brakes, he has nothing on Andy Dalton

But it was still pretty fucking good. William Wallace-esque. Who knows what he has in store for a regular season game. Won’t be surprised if he goes full Ozzie Osbourne and bites the head off a bat or possibly a small child.