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Shout Out To This Mom Who Dresses Her Daughter Like Eleven From "Stranger Things" While She Naps

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.14.11 PM

Creepy? Maybe a little bit but still awesome. I’m a guy who thinks he probably never wants kids cause they are money-bleeding, fun-draining, poop-filled monsters. But videos like this show the cool side of having kids. Now All I wanna do is have a kid so I can dress him or her like my favorite movie and TV characters. First up would obviously be Chris Farley’s Matt Foley then we’d move own from there. Chris Farley’s Tommy Boy would probably be next. Also, the more I read about/hear about/talk about Stranger Things, the more I seem to love it. I liked it the first time I watched it but I didn’t LOVE IT like everyone else did. But then I read articles by people much smarter than me and the amount of detail and awesomeness that went into the show is really great. I’m thinking about running it back a second time this weekend. With all of the lights on.

PS- How much have Eggo sales increased since the release of Stranger Things? Gotta be a ton. I had forgotten how delicious Eggos were until the show. Now I just keep buying them.

Double PS- Feits blogged this theory the other day but it made me so angry that now I’m forcing you to watch again or in case you missed it the first time. The reason it makes me so angry is because it makes so much damn sense.

(obviously major spoilers in this)