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Matthew Tkachuk Supports Harambe, Cory Schneider Is America, And Does Hockey Need Enforcers?


I guess technically Matthew Tkachuk supports Portnoy’s wallet more than he actually supports Harambe. But glad to see the kid is carrying on the legacy of a legend at the Knights’ Memorial Cup parade through London yesterday. Matthew Tkachuk. Memorial Cup winner. 1st round draft pick. Son of a legend. The sky is the limit for this kid and when you have the big man upstairs looking out for you (Harambe), you know you have nothing but good things coming your way. Between Tkachuk, Gaudreau and Monahan in Calgary next year, I’d highly suggest picking up the NHL GameCenter package or whatever it’s called now just to be able to watch Flames games this season. Kidz Bop in Calgary is about to take off.


Cory Schneider Is America


These are the pads that Devils‘ Cory Schneider will be wearing for Team USA at the World Cup next month. Some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. It’s kind of bullshit how good Cory Schneider is. I feel llike plenty of people forget about him because he plays in New Jersey and they’ve been somewhat irrelevant for a few years now. But you bring in Taylor Hall over the offseason and add him to a lineup that has already been overachieving despite having a ton of star power and you have yourself a squad. I wouldn’t sleep on the Devils this year, especially if Schneider decides to keep wearing these pads after the World Cup is finished.

Does Hockey Need Enforcers? We’ll Find Out In The New Documentary “Ice Guardians”

Does a bear shit in the woods? Did Bill Clinton actually have sexual relations with that woman? The answer to all these questions are so obviously yes. It’s clearly evident by the fact that every other sport is soft as Charmin that all sports need enforcers. They are the only thing keeping hockey from becoming Disney presents “Soccer on Ice”. Obviously there are plenty of risks that come with fighting in the NHL. Not to get too somber here but we’ve lost a few great men because of it and what fighting had done to their brain. That sucks and it’s sad and we’ll miss all of those guys. But fighting in hockey is changing and while there are much fewer fights per night, there’s still a necessity for it. And there are still plenty of guys willing to go to battle every night if they’re called upon. Why? A little thing called honor, integrity, respect for the game, and plus there are just some people that need to be put in their place. These guys aren’t assholes because they want to fight. They’re heroes because they have to fight.


Sure, maybe fighting in hockey is “barbaric”. Maybe thinking there’s a need for it in professional sports makes you a “neanderthal”. But if the guys out there on the ice feel more comfortable and safe out there knowing they have an enforcer to back them up, and there are guys out there who willingly want to answer to that bell, well then go ahead. They’re the ones playing the game. Not some nerd sitting behind a keyboard watching it. “Is everything perfect in the enforcement category in the NHL? No. But there’s nothing perfect in life”.