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Two Signs We Are In The Future - Self Driving Cars and Pizza Delivered By Drone

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We have live through a ton of technological advancements, most notably the Internet, which would be hard to even explain to someone in the 1950’s. But more important than the Internet are the two innovations that seem to be coming sooner than later, two innovations that revolutionize the way we live life unlike anything else- self driving cars, and drone pizza delivery.

Detroit - Ford Motor Co.’s ambitious declaration that it will have a fully driverless car by 2021 will require big changes in federal and state laws to clear the way. Company executives said Tuesday they plan in the next five years to build fully autonomous cars — without a steering wheel or brake or accelerator pedals — for use in ride-hailing or ride-sharing services. In doing so, Ford goes well beyond driver-assist systems like Tesla’s Autopilot and GM’s Super Cruise that require drivers to take control in emergency situations.

I don’t know if people are paying attention to this or not, but we are extremely close to self driving cars. Very, very close to being able to walk into the dealership and simply pick out a car that will drive you everywhere. A car that has the technology to not crash, to park, to do everything. And eventually everyone will have one. We’ll literally just sit there. There’s a joke that’s been going around that goes:

Dad: You see, we used to drive our own cars back in the day.

Kid: They let you do that?!

Dad: Sure did.

Kid: And it was safe?

Dad: Oh god no, millions of people died every year!

It’s going to be crazy when you don’t have to do anything in car besides sit there and watch Netflix. I can’t believe how close to a reality this is actually becoming. It’s literally the future that they imagined back in the 1950’s and we’re going to live it in our lifetime.


And not only will we not have to drive, we won’t have to do anything at all because….

Mashable - You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape companies wanting to deliver things via drone to you. Domino’s in New Zealand want to be the next to do so, announcing a partnership with drone delivery company Flirtey. Their mission? To transport pizzas through the air.Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director, Don Meij said in a statement, “These trial deliveries will help provide the insight we need to extend the weight carried by the drone and distance travelled. It is this insight that we hope will lead to being able to consider a drone delivery option for the majority of our orders.” “We are planning a phased trial approach which is based on the CAA granting approval, as both Domino’s and Flirtey are learning what is possible with the drone delivery for our products but this isn’t a ‘pie in the sky’ idea. It’s about working with the regulators and Flirtey to make this a reality for our customers,” he added.

Realistically in 15 years we will be looking back and wonder why we ever got off the couch at all, ever. Drone delivery is the future of delivery. Amazon is already working on it and will probably revolutionize the industry. But more importantly, drones delivering pizza. If Dominos can get this technology down, oh boy, oh boy. Sundays will never be the same. Sure, it’s not that different than having to answer the door to get the pizza from the delivery man, but typically automated is better than human interaction. EZ Pass, for example. That 30 seconds you save is life changing. Can you ever go back to handing a toll booth worker money? Same will go for pizza and food delivery. Food will be flown right to your door in no time. We’re just so close to drones replacing people, with Dominos taking the lead on this venture. it’s quite amazing. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with in the future.