The Eliminator: Seasons

Pick which one of the four you would eliminate

With the weather getting colder at night, the VMAs on Sunday, and the first college of the football season tonight, it means that summer is slowly but surely winding down. So I figured this is when we should uncork the season eliminator.

For me it’s easy. I hate winter. Despise it. Short of Christmas and the end of the NFL season, there is really nothing to like about winter. Snow stinks once you get a full-time job, having to bundle up is the pits, and sitting in a heated room is a million times worse than air conditioning. If I could globally warm New York to have an average temperature of 55 degrees during winter, I would.

As for the other seasons spring is great because shitty ass winter is over, March madness is kicking off, the baseball marathon is about to start, and people start drinking outside again. Summer is awesome because it’s hot outside, you can sit next to bodies of water and feel like you are doing something with your life, and people are off from school or there are summer hours at work (blog don’t sleep, though). Fall is wonderful because the weather combo of warmth with some crisp autumn air is fantastic and is the perfect season for big guys fashion-wise. I usually go hoodie and shorts. Plus we have football season starting as well as baseball pennant races and playoffs. The only knocks on fall is all the idiots that love pumpkin flavored food and drinks (apple should be the flavor of fall) and the shittiest season of all comes after fall.

But I’m sure there are more than a few people that love winter because they like cold weather, skiing, and/or being depressed. So vote below on which season you would eliminate.