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Momma Bosa Chimes in On Her Son's Standoff with the "Terrible Chargers"


I’m a fan when a momma bird comes out spraying for her babies. This isnt the first time that Cheryl Bosa has voiced her displeasure with the Chargers.

Earlier this month she told the San Diego Union-Tribune (ridiculous to have union and tribune in one company. Fucking newspapers, man):

“It bums me out for him so much,” she wrote to a friend. “Wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day.”


Momma Bosa is bringing the heat tweeting “The Chargers were petty and terrible even before they tried to stiff Joey Bosa ” and linking to an SB Nation article . The Chargers are fucking this up so badly. They need Joey Bosa on the field and soon. It’s not like the Chargers were loaded on the defensive side of the ball anyway. Bosa could report today and he’d miss regular season time and just yesterday the league announced that Damion Square would be suspended for four games. Not good! Eli Manning their asses, Joey.