Minor League Outfielder Flips Over The Fence Robbing A Home Run


This right here is Zach Welz of the Angels‘ Double-A affiliate, the Arkansas Travelers. Hell of a catch by Zach here, but the catch wasn’t even the most impressive part of the video for me. What I wanna know is how in the hell did this dude go from taking a tombstone by the Undertaker:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.13.35 PM

To kicking out after a one count, and back on his feet within two seconds?

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.13.44 PM

Just straight up disrespectful to the Deadman, and I don’t appreciate it at all.

The other point to this video that I wanted to hit on is that I finally have a point of reference for a debate that I’ve been having since I was a senior in high school. There’s this one fuckin’ kid (that I don’t even like) that EVERY single time I run into him, he starts up a heated debate we had back in 2007 over whether or not it’s an out or a home run if the outfielder catches the ball and goes over the fence. He obviously argued that it’s a home run since the ball went over the fence, and the outfielder didn’t keep himself or the ball in play. Well, up your ass, buddy. It’s an out.

PS – You still owe me 10 bucks for breaking my Nextel belt clip, you son of a bitch. You know who you are.