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The Aliens Have Strategically Placed A New Planet Right Next To Earth


ITV – A new planet which could contain life has been discovered close enough to Earth to be reached by future space missions. The new world, which is slightly larger than our planet, is just four light years away in another solar system.Named Proxima b by astronomers, the rocky planet orbits our closest stellar neighbour, Proxima Centauri. While in terms of astronomical distances Proxima b is right next door, four light years is 25 trillion miles, but astronomers believe that future generations of super-fast space craft could conceivably travel to the planet within the scale of human lifetimes. However, the planet is also blasted by powerful ultraviolet rays and X-rays from the star, meaning that any life which evolved on the planet would have to be hardened to radiation.

OH MOMMA! Those sonsofbitch Aliens are up to their usual tricks. Fucking love it. Seriously how is this not a bigger deal? I feel like when it comes to alien invasions all common sense and rational just fly out the window. Like how does a huge planet that is literally next door to earth just suddenly get discovered? BECAUSE THE ALIENS JUST PUT IT THERE THAT’S WHY! WAKE UP! IT’S THEIR LAUNCHING PAD TO INVADE EARTH! That’s why it wasn’t there last week and it’s there today. Huge planets don’t just show up like that unless there is foul play involved. That’s why we keep having UFO sightings left and right. They are spying on us. They are figuring out our weaknesses. Oh you think it’s an accident they picked a planet that makes them resistant to radiation. What’s Earth’s #1 weapon? Nuclear bombs. Well these motherfuckers are eating, sleeping, pooping radiation as we speak. We’re gonna try to blast these bros when they invade and we’re just gonna wipe ourselves out. It’s so obvious it hurts. I sincerely hope the Aliens have a spot for a huge brained human cause I’m all in with these guys. #TeamAlien. You heard it here first.

PS – The name of this planet is Proxima B?   Worst name ever.  The Aliens are gonna make us pay double time for that name.