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The Jordan Brand Made Two Pairs "Sager Vision" Jordan 1s And They Are Spectacular

This may shock you guys, but I’m not a big fashion guy. Or sneaker guy for that matter. I mean I respect a great sneaker as much as the next guy (shout out black/white/varsity royal Air Penny IIs), but I’m usually rocking sandals in the summer and pretty boring brown shoes or sneakers the rest of the time.

That being said, God damn those shoes are beautiful. And not in the traditional stance in you can wear them out and look fashionable as hell. But in the sense that they are artwork. Those shoes capture the essence of Craig Sager and his wardrobe to a tee. And the soles. My word those soles are fantastic. Maybe I’m just a sucker when a clear sole has a word on the bottom. But that’s a thing of beauty. Especially for a good dude like Craig Sager that has always been entertaining and is fighting the good fight. Hopefully Craig is wearing the Sager Visions on the sideline next season while wearing some absolutely ridiculous suit that would make Clyde Frazier blush.

#SagerStrong #FuckCancer

And it’s wild to me that DJ Khaled gets the other pair. He is basically the fat, modern day Forrest Gump that keeps ending up doing memorable stuff despite not being the brightest crayon in the box. But that’s how America works I suppose.

I wasn’t sure if this was worthy of its own blog. But since a random DJ Khaled story dropped from the clouds, I can include it here. Simply LaLa putting Olympic Melo’s 3 gold medals on DJ Khaled.

If this picture doesn’t make you laugh, you are a sopping wet blanket.