A Fan Fell In The Yankees Dugout Trying To Meet El Gary

082516-MLB-YankeesFan-PIFoxThings were going pretty well for Yankees during the eighth inning of their 5-0 win over the Mariners on Wednesday until a fan dropped in. Literally.

A fan fell from the stands at Safeco Field into the Yankees’ dugout, startling just about everyone there.  Brian McCann, who had the day off, provided the details to reporters afterward, per the New York Daily News:

“He hit his head on the ground; it looked like he was out of it. He basically knocked himself out. It was a loud thud, I turned around and he was out of it.”

Yankees manager Joe Girardi hinted that the fan might have been enjoying an adult beverage or two, adding that he got up after his initial tumble before falling again.

It kind of freaked me out, actually,” Girardi said. “I think he tried to jump in, but he was probably not in a state to be walking.”

Maybe he didn’t say he was there to meet El Gary, but we know he was. I mean the guy has 9 home runs already and got his own shirt. Why else would you fall in the dugout?

I never get the logic behind running on the field during a baseball game as a grown man. If you’re doing the game right, you had a few beer and hopefully some food, so you’re in no condition to be running around. If you’re a teenager you’re already a jerkoff so it makes sense but this is a grown man we’re talking about here. In his best case situation, he makes it onto the field and ends up being tackled by by several overweight security guards.  In the worst scenario, you decide to try to enter from the top of the dugout and face-plant into a punch of seed shells.

The only time I’ve seen this actually work is when a guy in Houston go away, but who knows whats on the other side of that wall.


It would’ve been a great team building experience though if the team jumped him. Probably would’ve locked up a playoff spot.