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Rexi The Dog With Backwards Legs Is The Most Adorable Thing I've Ever Seen

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(ABC)A couple from southern California is appealing to the public for help in solving their Golden retriever puppy’s medical mystery. The 9-month-old dog is named Rexi, for her similarities to a T. Rex dinosaur, according to her owners, James Cassidy, 31, and his wife, Rachel Woertink, 32, from Phelan, California. Like the dinosaur, Rexi can only walk using her hind legs. And as for her paws, they just flail upwards in the air like the little arms of a T. Rex. “It’s definitely a little awkward,” Cassidy told ABC News today. “She can stand up and use her back legs fully, and then she scoots around on her chest kind of like a snail.” Because Rexi’s upper body often scrapes the ground she’s walking on, she’s developed a few sores on her chest and neck, Cassidy said. But other than that, he said the Golden retriever “doesn’t appear to be in pain.” “She’s definitely a super loving, happy and hyper dog,” Cassidy said. “She’s just like any other Golden retriever. She loves chasing tennis balls, going outside and playing with the other dogs.” “They all did X-rays and whatnot, and the results always showed her bones were fine,” Cassidy said. “A lot of the veterinarians said it could be neurological, and some of them just recommended that we amputate her front legs or put her down.” But both options were a “nope” for Cassidy and his wife, he said. Cassidy that he and his wife would never euthanize since Rexi doesn’t appear to be in much pain and because she’s like a child to them. “It wasn’t her fault she was born this way, and we love her,” he said. “Right now, we’re just trying to get any help we can get.” Cassidy and his wife have started a GoFundMe campaign online in the hopes that they can be referred to a specialist or engineer who can help them solve Rexis’ medical mystery.


Well if that’s not the cutest thing I’ve ever seen then I really don’t know what is. As long as Rexi is happy and otherwise healthy, which she appears to be by all accounts, then I think she’s absolutely adorable. And I think that perfectly sums up the difference between humans and dogs. Some human comes around all deformed like that? Ew! Gross! Get it away from me! Send it to a circus or a freakshow or American Horror Story to be an extra, just get it the fuck out of my sight! But if a little puppy is walking around, dragging its neck on the ground with its arms flailing behind his back? D’awwwwwwww, come over here little guy and let me hold you. Freaky humans? Terrifying. I feel nothing for you. Freaky dogs? Come here and let papa pet your pain away.

Just look at that smile! Happiest pup in the whole world. Don’t you date tell him he’s got a problem.

Update: If you’re wondering why there’s no link to the GoFundMe, it’s because I was duped. No, it’s not a fake story, it’s just from a few weeks ago. Fucking Cleveland just decided to tweet it last night and fuck me

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But it has a happy ending. Rexi’s GoFundMe was reached a few weeks ago. She even got 2k over.