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Nick Cannon Decided To Enroll In College At The Age Of 35

ET- Nick Cannon is a freshman at Howard University, and the America’s Got Talent host couldn’t be more excited to kick off his college career. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I truly feel like it’s the next stage in my life,” Cannon told ET’s Denny Directo at the AGT live show in Los Angeles on Tuesday. “Entertainment is outstanding but I truly want to utilize my voice, I want to be a part of the community, and I’m always encouraging young people and being an advocate for education, so I need to make sure I get mine first.”

Absolute genius move out of Nick Cannon right here. What Nick Cannon has been known for over the last 15+ years has changed so much. He went from the Drumline guy, to the “He’s Hilarious” Chappelle’s Show guy, to the Wild’n Out guy, to Mr. Mariah, to Former Mr. Mariah. I don’t watch America’s Got Talent, so all Nick Cannon is to me right now is the Wild’n Out guy that has a million commercials during every episode of The Challenge and a guy that gets confused as the guy in the Swaggy P meme.


So you know the best way to make America love you again? Go to college. Some Americans get mad at kids that leave school to make millions of dollars. But if you go back to college you get those sappy pieces with Chris Connelly narrating in the background. Plus do you remember how fun college was? (Or how fun college is to you lucky motherfuckers that are there now or will be going soon). Now imagine being in college as a famous millionaire. Parties. Chicks. More parties. More chicks. Okay basically the same thing as regular college but probably somehow even a billion times more fun. No ramen noodles or cheap ass beer. Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with either of those. But you get to get fancy and go with bottled beer and expensive fried food. The fucking American Dream. Sure people would probably record every single mistake you make on their cell phones, but I think it’s worth the temporary P.R. bump and four years of glory. And class? Nick Cannon doesn’t have to go to class. He probably has enough money, experience, and contacts to play out the next 20 years or so as a minimum D-list celebrity that can always make an appearance in a celeb softball game or whenever Hollywood Squares gets rebooted. Just a brilliant move by Nick Cannon.