Philly PSA: Scumbag Tow Truck Drivers Are Baiting People To Park In Illegal Spots

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — An alleged tow trap in South Philadelphia involving possible bait trucks and hidden signs is being brought to light by concerned residents, some who have been documenting the towing company’s questionable tactics. “I feel like it was a bait,” Katy Otto told Action News Tuesday. When she returned hours later, the sign was up and her car was towed. “There were other cars parked there. There was no sign in the lot – well, it was knocked down as the picture shows. There was no indication that where I was parking was illegal,” Otto said. “This just strikes me as very dishonest.” Otto is not the only one out $205.

Annnndddd of course this dude recording the illegal activity features the most annoying compilation possible. Almost makes you despise him worse than the tow truck drivers. 2016 in a nutshell. DAMN, TOW MAN!!!

This magoo aside, this is just another ho hum day for your average motorist in The City Of Brotherly Love. I mean NOTHING is despised more in Philly than the PPA, tow truck companies, and parking regulators. How there wasn’t a documented murder on “Parking Wars” will go down as one of the greatest mysteries of our time. All of these scumbags will ticket and/or tow you with no regard for humanity. I understand there are rules and regulations to be followed, but you know we’re living in a society. We’re supposed to act in a civilized way. If you stop in a tow away zone for 10 seconds and leave your car to save a infant from being steamrolled by a SEPTA bus, you’ll turn around to your vehicle being gone. It’s barbaric.

And this “Baiting” is just another example of how fair, tax paying citizens in this city get taken up the tailpipe. Literally. People have enough to worry about finding a parking spot without being threatened by physical violence. Or just understanding the PPA signs in general without worrying about your car getting snatched. Look at this shit that was sniped last year.


I’m not sure how they’re constitutional. Every single time I park I end up staring at these things like a goddamn 3D Magic Poster for 10 minutes and still aren’t sure what’s going on. Give John Nash a bucket full of Adderall and 20 years and he wouldn’t be able to decipher that shit. Fuck the PPA and the low life tow truck companies sucking on their teet.