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Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Augustus Sol Invictus Talks About Drinking Goat's Blood

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.45.22 AM

Clad in a gray vest with slicked hair, Invictus calmly answered questions like: “Are you friends with white supremacists?” (Answer: Yes) “Would you disavow an endorsement from a white supremacist group?” (Possibly) “Would you accept campaign contributions from white supremacists?” (From individuals, yes)

It took less than 10 seconds for the goat incident to come up, after forum moderator Pierre Alexandre Crevaux asked Invictus how the campaign was going.

“It’s brutal, soaked in blood,” Invictus said.

“Goat’s blood?” an audience member asked.

“Zing,” said Invictus, who drank goat’s blood in celebration at the end of a walk from Orlando to the Mojave Desert in 2013.

The audience then began asking questions, notably whether Invictus supports Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, who campaigned in Miami last week.

Anytime you get the chance to meet with a candidate for the Senate who openly sacrifices and drinks the blood of a goat you absolutely have to do it. 15 people took full advantage of that type of opportunity in Miami earlier this week and I’m sure they got their money’s worth.

The fortunate audience got to have a question and answer session with the blood drinking attorney:

Invictus began his answer with the phrase, “From a Machiavellian perspective…”

Oh. Now it’s obvious. I was on the fence at first but not anymore. Augustus Sol Invictus is indeed a crazy person. Anytime you hear someone start the answer to a question with “From a Machiavellian perspective” you gotta get the fuck outta there. Sure, the goat-blood drinking and pagan sacrifices were a tiny red flag but this is too obvious now. “From a Machiavellian perspective” is nearly on par with someone saying that they want you to “read their manifesto.” Writing a manifesto usually means that you are just one moon cycle away from multiple murders. Be a little more alert when phrases of concern and manifestos are coming from someone who nearly plagiarizes his speeches from Dwight Shrute like Augustus Sol Invictus does.

Gonna have to cast my absentee vote in a different direction this cycle, Augustus. Sorry about that.