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The Miz Unleashed a Nate At Night-esque Promo All Over "Coward" Daniel Bryan

OH DAMN. Awesome stuff last night from the Miz, unleashing hell all over Daniel Bryan. The WWE is really, really into bluring the line right now, first we had the “was it real, was it fake?” ending to SummerSlam where Lesnar delivered brutal elbows to Randy Orton’s head until he bled to death, and now this way-too-real promo last night.

Neither guy is wrong either. Miz wrestles in a super safe style. And that’s why he is always out there competing. Daniel Bryan on the other hand made a career off doing dangerous, high-risk spots, but that forced him into a very early retirement. It’s also why DB became an all-time legend during his short WWE career, and why the Miz, despite being around forever and having headlined Wrestlemania, is more of an afterthought.

Regardless of whose side you take, gotta give it up to the Miz for going all out here. This is the Miz I want to see, not “Hollywood Miz”. Also, they need to have this stuff on during the actual show- not the postshow, not a “WWE web exclusive”, but during the show itself. So many awesome promos have been cut that they put only on the YouTube channel. It’s because they let people be real and open, while TV promos are overly-scripted and robotic. More of this, less of that, please.