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Bella Thorne Came Out As A Bisexual On Twitter In The Most Casual Way Possible (And May Be Dating Her Brother's Ex Girlfriend?)


Well I guess that settles that. No need for a sexuality version of The Decision or a statement through her publicist. Simply a nonchalant quote tweet answer to a question on Twitter will do in 2016.

Q: “What’s your favorite food?”
A: “Pizza”

Q: “Coke or Pepsi?”
A: “Coke”

Q: “Do you like dick, pussy, or both?”
A: “Both”

Ho hum.

What a long way the internet has come. Back when I started using it, people would have to ask you a/s/l and you would tell them you were an 18 year old lesbian. Today a bisexual woman can announce that she is a bisexual to the world in 3 characters. We call that progress, folks.

And not only did she announce that she was bisexual, but apparently she may be dating her brother’s ex girlfriend?

Straight up vicious. Or is it? KFC, Chaps, and I had a discussion on KFC Radio about whether or not you can date your friend’s exes if you go from gay to straight. I said it would be like telling your friend he can’t play any of your old Genesis games after you traded in your Genesis for a Super Nintendo. But Bella now can play Genesis and Super Nintendo games, which is a whole other scenario. And the chick she is dating is apparently named Bella as well? All kinds of fucked up shit. This story feels like the Ryan Lochte tall tale, where there are layers we haven’t even heard yet.

And make no mistake about it, Bella Thorne is a huge get for the bisexuality faction. There aren’t a ton of sexy celebs that can pull off red hair let alone (potentially) date their brother’s ex. So for chicks to add a little diversification to their spank (rub?) bank is clutch. And any girl that says she is bisexual instantly becomes at least 30% hotter in guys’ eyes, which you have to add on top of the 20% of hotness that comes with Bella Thorne sounding like the name of a porn star. Bella Thorne, so hot right now.

And now your Bella Thorne moment of zen.