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A Big Mac Getting Doused In Sulfuric Acid Is A Disgusting Glimpse At What Happens In Your Stomach

YouTube/Let’s Melt This – Ever wonder what happens if you soak a McDonald’s Big Mac in sulfuric acid? Look no further. Today we poured sulfuric acid on the McDonald’s Big Mac cheeseburger and the results were surprising. We originally through the big mac would dissolve into a giant pile of mush. Turns out the sulfuric acid actually cooked the outside of the big mac bun until it was rock hard. Almost as if we left it in the oven to long. Of course when we got to the center of the big mac it began to melt away on contact. We time lapsed this video over a 30 minute period so you could view the entire process quicker.

I’m always so sucked in by these videos, possibly because I was so awful at science growing up that seeing anything like this now is like a learning experience. But I also think I could just watch people make and destroy things all day long if you gave me the opportunity. It’s one of those things about the world that’s interesting when you think about it. People will watch this, they’ve watched the viral videos of things shoved in a blender, they gobbled up episodes of How It’s Made the second Netflix put it up. Is it just curiosity about what goes into these things? Or is there something more human with seeing these products made and destroyed, something reflective of the human experience? We make things, we destroy them, and in the end everything including our own mortal vessels result in nothing more than a black muck that was once two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Poetry in motion.

And despite my science failures, between watching videos like this and shows like Breaking Bad, I feel like I’ve got some pretty good awareness.

Mix in those items with the that course load I had with Reptile’s special move in Mortal Kombat and it looks like someone’s made a whole lot of progress since that C- in Chemistry in 10th grade.

(h/t Sploid)