This Dude Who Swallowed And Held 40 Knives In His Stomach Would Be A Beast In Prison

This is how I view everything now that I’m watching The Night Of. Would that skill be valuable in prison? I didn’t really watch Oz when it was airing but The Night Of has terrified me to my core. I now have this consuming fear I’m going to wrongfully end up in prison and will be free-basing heroin and smuggling drugs in my stomach by the end of my first month. So I’m always on the look out for prison skills. Well this skill of holding 40 knives in your stomach would be super valuable. 40 knives! That’s like a walking talking armory in prison. He wouldn’t even have to use them. He could just be a store that people come to when they wanna shank someone in the showers. Business would be booming. The downside (one of many) would be if he gets punched in the stomach. That has internal bleeding written all over it. Other than that though. Great skill.

PS- Be thankful you’re addicted to normal things like coffee or cigarettes or adderall and not swallowing fucking KNIVES.