Dennis Rodman Joined Eddie Vedder On Stage At Wrigley Last Night In A Dennis Rodman Jersey In Case You Didn't Know It Was Dennis Rodman

Hey who is that 6’7” black guy with a million tattoos and piercings on stage with Eddie Vedder? He seems like he could be famous. Oh wait, says right there, Dennis Rodman. Only the Worm would pull this move. Wear his own jersey just in case anyone forgot who he was. Like come on Dennis, you going to wear a name tag too? Dennis Rodman is one of the most singularly unique characters in sports history. Probably the last guy on earth that needs to wear his own jersey to be recognized. But that’s Dennis, zigs when everyone else zags.


Yes I’ve been silently weeping watching all the pictures come in from the Pearl Jam concerts at Wrigley. I should have been there and it’s garbage and rubbish that I wasn’t.

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