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FanClash Is Going All Day, All Night With NFL Trivia And You Can Win Cash Money Plus Patriots Tickets

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Everyone thinks they know the NFL. Now you can put your money where your mouth is and make cash money playing NFL FanClash trivia. All day today, all day tomorrow. Nonstop NFL trivia contests, plus a free entry into the Barstool trivia contest.

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Here’s the deets- It’s $3 for 3 plays on Fanclash and if you play in this event you get a free “token” to play in the Barstool Trivia event on Wednesday from 9-9:30pm. That is Barstool only trivia where you have to answer questions about the Barstool universe. For example, what country did Dave send Clem to before Clem had ever been on camera before? A) Botswana, B) India, C) Latvia, D) Uruguay

Obviously the answer is C, Latvia. Beat fellow stoolies in Barstool trivia and you win 2 tickets to Pats vs Jets on Sunday the 27th of November, plus $500 spending money.

It’d be silly not to play.