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A Guy Pulling A Handgun On Another Dude At A Gas Station Got A Big Surprise When The Dude Got An AK Out Of His Car

Assuming that dude pulling the AK pistol (my quick research of Facebook comments says it’s this gun, would have been helpful if they had two top comments on there for me to find that answer faster) is a legal gun owner, this video right here is just about the best proof of concept for legal gun ownership that I’ve ever seen. This guy not only saved his own life but possibly a few others just by having an AK waiting in his car on the off chance that some dude pulled a weapon on him. The shootout part is probably not ideal but, you know, it seeeeems like no one got hurt besides this dude’s car so I’m still going to classify that one as a win. And definitely better than the alternative of this dude just getting gunned down and left for dead after getting a Twinkie and some premium unleaded. I imagine the NRA won’t be doling out high fives too much to this guy but it’s a hell of a convincing display of their primary argument.

Anyway congrats to AK dude on not dying. I’m glad he’s played knifey spoony before:

(h/t MTO)