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The Villanova Band Shoved North Carolina Into a Locker With an A+ Tweet

Don’t do it to them like that, Villanova band. Personally I’d like to think this is all revenge from Piccolo Girl. You put one of theirs on blast for crying for losing to North Carolina State a year earlier, the Wildcat band will show no mercy. Hell, it might be Piccolo Girl tweeting this.

But in all seriousness this is an A+ tweet by the VU band. You don’t ask them to do the running man challenge – one of the dumbest things going in my opinion – and not expect them to remind you of one of the best shots in NCAA Tournament history. My only complaint about the tweet is the Instagram post. I clicked fully expecting to hear One Shining Moment and Kris Jenkins standing there with his arm in the air. Instead we get the team doing the running man at the White House, which of course features Arch hopping up and down with all his grit in the background.

Just know if you come at the Villanova band, you best not miss. #Bang