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Dwight Gooden Fired Back At Darryl Strawberry's Claims That Gooden Is On Drugs By Saying Darryl Is Cheating On His Wife And Is Lucifer

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NY Post- Darryl Strawberry made the conscious decision to take his Dwight Gooden concerns public, and the four-time All-Star pitcher is firing back high and hard. In denying Strawberry’s allegations that he has lapsed back into cocaine use, Gooden, 51, charged his former friend with everything from fabricating the recent drug-use story for personal gains to cheating on his wife, escalating earlier comments Monday in which he said their relationship was finished.

After Strawberry, 54, said on the radio he feared for Gooden’s life upon Gooden missing a WFAN interview Thursday, Gooden took the now-public matter into deeply personal territory. “He’s trying to take the heat off himself, people who [are] in glass houses do not throw stones,” Gooden told The Post on Monday night, saying he’s been clean four years, since coming out of rehab. “He’s cheating on his wife, he’s having an affair with people.”

“… Darryl has a drug rehab in his name, he is supposed to be a pastor. I call him Lucifer. … [Going public] was a weak shot, and he did it to make himself look better, because he is running a drug rehab.”

Holy shit, we are going to have to title this one Doctor K Strikes Back. I’ve never had a friend accuse me of cheating or being El Diablo. But I’m pretty sure that’s Gooden going full scorched Earth policy on Straw. That bridge of friendship has been burned a crisp. This is like the Rockers breaking up, except if the Shawn Michaels’ Super Kick through Brutus’ Barbershop window had happened after both men fell short of their potential and had a shit ton of depressing stories come out about them.

And the worst part of all this is that we have the Post in one corner getting the Gooden scoops and the Daily News in the other backing Straw. The Daily News isn’t some beacon for journalism, but I usually trust it more than the Post. However Darryl Strawberry always seems to have the authenticity of a used car salesman. So I wasn’t sure which side I was going to believe until I saw this tweet.

Ooof, I think I’m Team Darryl unless there was some serious Photoshop going down. Get some help Doc before it’s too late