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Independent League Baseball Player Hit A Grand Slam That Smashed The Windshield Of His Own Truck

That’s the thing dreams are made of. Independent League guys don’t have the most glitz and glam lives. They aren’t taking chartered flights day in and day out, they’re just playing the game they love, trying to get another shot at the big time, and hoping to do some cool shit along the way. And that’s exactly what Brandon Thomas did. Not only did he hit a grand slam, but he did the improbable but shattering the windshield of his own truck in the process. The chances of his grand slam ball hitting the his own truck are so low, but he did it. He’s probably pretty stoked about having an awesome story to tell for the rest of his life, and contrarily not very stoked about the bill he has to pay for his new windshield. Buy hey, life is all about stories, and he picked up a new one and got on SportsCenter in the process, so not all that bad at all.