Teenage Girl Calls 911 On Her Parents Because They Made Her Go On Vacation To A Cottage

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(Source) A Mississauga teenager was cautioned by the Ontario Provincial Police after she called 911 last Tuesday to complain that her parents “forced her” to go on vacation with them at a rental cottage east of Toronto in Trent Hills. “This appeared to be a case of a teenager being a teenager,” Northumberland OPP Const. Steve Bates told CBC News. “Although she perceived this as a real issue, it was not an appropriate use of 911.” Officers attended the rental cottage on Trent River, about 180 kilometres northeast of Toronto, to ensure everyone was safe and that there was no “real” emergency, Bates said. The 15-year-old girl has been cautioned for misuse of the emergency number.

I’ve never called 911 for a bad reason. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever called 911. But, it’s difficult to blame this girl here. Going on vacation with your parents as a kid kinda sucks. If you can’t bring at least one friend along or you’re not going to Disney World, then fuck it. One time my parents rented a house on the Vineyard and it didn’t have a TV or a telephone. You read the correctly. They brought four children to an island and didn’t give us phones or television. The horror.

So I’m not going to throw stones at this girl, this is a totally acceptable move. Hell, I’ll say it: she didn’t take this thing far enough. This girl should have told police that she’d been kidnapped and those people that look surprisingly like her are absolutely not her parents. They’re monsters who took a girl away from her friends, in the middle of summer, and drove her to a goddamn Canadian cottage. You do that shit, you’re not my parents anymore. What are we even supposed to do on that “vacation”? Talk? Appreciate nature? Play board games? Fuckkkkk that. Let me go swimming and ride bikes around the neighborhood with my friends. It’s August and I’ll be forced to sit in a room with an adult I don’t like when I return to school in September, let me have my freedom now.

Disney World or an amusement park or GTFO when if comes to vacations as a kid. I don’t want to go to some relaxing cottage, don’t want to go to some historical city, I don’t even want to go to the beach in the Bahamas. I want rides or I want to be left to have fun with my friends.