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Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz 2 was Bloody As Fuck


Any fight where the fighters walk away looking like a bloody mess is a great fight in my book, and now I’m disappointed that my cable was out last night so I couldn’t watch it live.

Conor shook off any self-doubt by dominating the first round. McGregor was as precise as it gets with his first round leg kicks. The leg kicks themselves were brutal but Conor timed those leg kicks and closed in for some solid combos, one of which sent Diaz to the mat.

Conor continued the assault in the second and rocked Diaz twice in the first 90 seconds of the round. McGregor landed shot after shot to Diaz’s face and body. Some of the huge, sweeping left hands to Diaz’s belly made me fucking wince. Near the end of the second round, Nate started moving forward when McGregor stopped focusing on the leg kicks as much. Nate flipped the round and stunned McGregor who was starting to look gassed in only the second round.

Nate Diaz owned the third round. He used the fence to control and really drain McGregor. At the 3:50 mark in the third round, Conor was actively moving away from the onslaught that Diaz was bringing. Conor looked like he was going to fade fast as fuck. The 4:30 mark in the round had Mcgregor getting battered over and over against the fence. McGregor was saved by the bell. No question about it. At this point, I had Diaz winning the decision. Round three was more dominate for Diaz than round 1 was for McGregor. Round two was a push.

In round four, McGregor went back to the leg kicks that he started in rounds one and two. The leg kicks took so much out of Nate’s attack, well that and the fact his eyes were completely filled with blood.

Midway through the round, Diaz went back to the clinch against the cage and McGregor was winded again quickly. I still had round four going to Conor.


Round five started with Conor keeping his distance and delivering pop shots here and there to keep Diaz unbalanced. Diaz tried to get Conor to the ground a few times but Conor’s takedown defense was strong as fuck. Both guys looked completely exhausted the entire fifth round. The last two minutes of the round was both guys just flipping control on the fence. Slow ending to an otherwise great fight. Diaz had his first take-down of Conor with only 5 seconds left in the match. It was ultimately too late.

The majority decision to Conor was the right call. Great fight and I’m pumped to see the third match which McGregor said will be at 155.