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Nate's Three Bold SummerSlam Predictions

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I’m having a big traveling day so I can’t break down the entire card, but I wanted to get up my 3 biggest, most bold SummerSlam predictions. Hot takes, as some might call them.

For the overall show, I think it will be good. The card makes sense for the most part, story lines have been built, and the wrestlers are fresh off a great Battleground PPV that they want to build on.

So here are my 3 bold SummerSlam predictions:


3) The New Day lose the tag team title to The Club. I love The New Day. WWE loves the New Day. Everyone loves the New Day. They do not need the tag team titles anymore though. Having them available to chase the IC title, US title, or a world championship. Having The Club as heel champs validates them, and maybe down the road sets them up with Balor as a mega heel stable.

2) Ziggler beats Ambrose for the WWE championship. This one was tough to type, but I’m being bold, remember? Ziggler being WWE champ makes sense to me. He’s good on the mic, he has that look about him, and it makes sense for the Ambrose “underdog” character. If Dolph Zigger wasn’t so terribly named Dolph Ziggler, he could be a bigger star than he is. What an awful name. But anyway, Ziggles being champ would be a bit of a breath of fresh air, as WWE has revolved around The Shield for the last 2 years. Obviously Ambrose will always be in the main event scene, but I’m looking at Dolph to pull off the upset on Sunday.

1) Orton beats Lesnar. Yes, it’s true, it’s damn true. Orton is the “legend killer”. Orton is full time, Lesnar is part time. People are getting sick of Lesnar’s “I don’t give a shit” attitude. But obviously Orton can’t win clean so…..ENTER GOLDBERG. Goldberg is for sure showing up Sunday (there’s that boldness again). He will spear Brock, maybe give him the jackknife, and Orton will get the 1-2-3. Orton wins, but it doesn’t hurt Lesnar’s character too much because it’s motherfucking Goldberg with the outside interference. It makes so much sense, with Goldberg doing all the WWE 2k17 commercials and the like. Plus they have that history between them. Orton over Lesnar with Goldberg outside interference, place would go nuts.

For the other matches, give me Rollins over Balor, Cena over Styles, Reigns over RuRu, Sasha over Charlotte, Enzo and Cass beating the good ol’ Canadian boys, give me Crews upsetting the Miz, and Cesaro beating Sheamus.