Wake Up With Madison Bumgarner Hitting His Third Home Run Of The Season

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants

I think we’re kind of past the point where getting taken deep by a pitcher is an embarrassing thing, at least if it’s Madison Bumgarner who did it. Fourteen pitchers have combined to hit 20 home runs this season, and Madison Bumgarner (3), Noah Syndergaard (3), Jake Arrieta (2), and Adam Wainwright (2) have hit half of them. The pitchers that Bumgarner has taken deep in his career is becoming somewhat of a who’s who list of pitchers, too. He’s homered off of Clayton Kershaw twice, Zack Greinke in the year he finished 7th for the Cy Young award, and Jacob deGrom this year. Bumgarner is averaging a home run once every 22.33 at-bats in 2016, which, for comparison’s sake, is right around what Gregory Polanco (22.35) and Corey Seager (22.38) have done this year.