Bungee Jumping 101: Take Your Phone Outta Your Pocket


One of the saddest videos these eyes have ever seen. Really tear jerking stuff. I mean it. That cut me right to the core. I can watch PETA videos of cows and pigs heading to slaughter and not bat an eye but watching a man lose his iPhone nearly brought me to tears. He instantly knew how catastrophic it was, too. He had just experienced the biggest rush of adrenaline in his life and all he could think was, “I can’t believe I lost my fucking phone. I can’t believe that just happened.” It’s written all over his Irish face. I bet part of him wishes the bungee cord would’ve just snapped. Is there a point to life without a phone? I don’t think so. It’s better to die young than live twenty seconds without a cell phone. Did you really going bungee jumping if you can’t tweet about how you went bungee jumping? Nope. Not in the year 2016. It doesn’t count. Sorry.


PS- The people who run bungee jumping places gotta be more vigilant about phones. It should just be part of the safety check. “Ok harnesses look good. Straps look good. This guy isn’t gonna fall to his death annnnnnnd did you take your phone outta your pocket?” It’s that simple.