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Josh Donaldson's Explanation For The Dugout Incident With His Manager Is Pretty Great

This is great. Josh Donaldson has been A+ on the mic all year long, but what else could you possibly expect from the reigning American League MVP? But I just look at his reaction to the dugout incident, and it’s such a breath of fresh air. Not just from a baseball standpoint, but also from a life standpoint. I’m totally not used to that, having watched the Red Sox on a daily basis over the last few years. So many toxic situations have formed in that clubhouse that have boiled over into the media, and zero…literally ZERO of them have been laughed off the way that Donaldson just laughed off that incident with John Gibbons almost immediately.

Situation defused, and crisis averted. That’s just so foreign to me, even from a personal standpoint. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gotten into an argument with someone, and I’m over it within an hour, but that shit lingers for fucking days, weeks, and MONTHS afterwards. It’s incredible. The world needs more reactions like the one Donaldson gave to that dugout incident. We handled it like men, and you don’t need to know the details. Shit happens. Get the fuck over it. Life’s too short. We like our team, Barry.