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This Baby Imitating Rocky's Workout Should Be More Popular Than Most Stallone's Movies

Granted, it’s not that hard to bring in more box office heat than such shit classics like Rhinestone or STOP! Or My Mom Will Shoot, but still. This baby should have it made in the shade right now. Women Weaken Legs, but with the amount of ladies that want to change his diapers there’s no way he’d be able to lay off that petshop game. How the HELL has it taken me over a month to come across this little Balboa in training? And that’s the point. In the age of where a stupid cat with a frown or a jovial fat mother in a Chewbacca mask can turn mediocrity into millions, why isn’t this kid all over the place by now? The parents need to strike while the iron is hot and cash in before he’s housebroken. It’s best to ruin lives before they’re able to form memories.

PS – D- Blog, and that’s what happens when you’re on the phone all morning with NYC brokers whose sole purpose on Earth is to pull a Larry and fuck a stranger in the ass. I swear to shit I’m going to go full Walter Sobchak this afternoon in Manhattan and nobody is going to stop me.