Scientists Say Getting Peed On Is A Good Thing


Getting peed on is a good thing, at least for coral reefs, scientists have found.

When fish let loose, they release phosphorus into the water. This, combined with nitrogen excreted from their gills, is crucial for coral reef survival and growth, according to recent studies.

Now, new research shows just how much this “fishy waste” matters.

Im not gonna lie; I kinda wish that scientists would have just stopped after the first part of the first sentence. Would leaving the entire article at “Getting peed on is a good thing” have been so hard?


I have been waiting years for scientists to give us some positive pee information because people have piss shamed for years. It was just in my grasp and ripped away in the blink of an eye by the continuation of a sentence. Hurtful.

The circle of life is so much more intricate than I even realized. Because I’m a dad, I watch Lion King with my kids a lot. I had no idea how deep the circle of life really goes. I’ve heard Simba and crew singing the songs for years but I failed to realize that the Circle of Life extends all the way to fish piss. Nature really is magical. Without fish pissing all over the joint, there would be no coral reefs. Incredible.