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Kite String Fatally Slits 3 Throats In 1 Day In India... Probably Because They Laced It With Glass

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CNNSharp kite strings have killed three people in India in a single day, according to police.

A 4-year-old boy had his throat slit while he was looking out of a car’s sunroof and a 22-year-old man received a lethal cut on his neck while riding a motorbike on August 15, according to Pushpendra Kumar, the deputy commissioner of the West Delhi Police.

The same day, a 3-year-old girl looking out the sunroof was strangled by a kite string which cut her neck, according to a deputy commissioner of North West Delhi Police.

All three were killed by Manja, a type of kite string made with glass.

Officials in Delhi are now moving to ban any sharp kite strings.



First off how about all the people in India like hanging out of car windows and sunroofs to watch kites? Weird. Talk about perspective: think your life sucks here in the US because football isn’t on half the year, then you realize an electric Monday in India is driving over to the park and popping your head out the window to hopefully catch a kite or two. Depression city.

Second off, be smarter India:


All three were killed by Manja, a type of kite string made with glass.


Kite string made of glass huh India? With children hanging out of cars in a kite-driven entertainment industry you guys lace the string with glass? Jesus Christ. Maybe mix in some yarn or polyester. Basically anything but glass would work here. Typical India.


PS — Hafta feel for the guy that got kite-stringed riding the motorbike. What a tough, tough break that is.