Old Dude Pulls A Gun On A Guy Who He Claims Stole His Golf Clubs



Two things happening there. The first is that kid is a goddamn moron. Quick tip. When an angry old man is pointing a gun at you and telling you to get on the ground, GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND DUDE. Like immediately. Doesn’t matter if you’re guilty or innocent. Doesn’t matter if you’re a new born baby with zero sins. Get on the ground and figure the rest out later. At least that way you don’t get your head blown off. The kid was semi-running away while a furious old timer shoved a hand gun in his face. The second thing is that old guy is reportedly a retired cop or fire marshall or something. So he simply misses the good ol’ days. He misses the rush. He misses being an authority figure. That’s all. Guys like him leave the line of duty and are supposed to do what? Go to brunch? Fuck that noise. That’s boring. So when the kid tried to steal his golf clubs he was more than ready to pull it.


PS- I probably shouldn’t think this way but I was kinda sorta hoping the old guy would put a warning shot into the kid’s knee. Just give him one. He’ll be fine. Flesh wound. Just teach the kid the valuable lesson that you should never fuck with another person’s golf clubs.