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One Of Trump's Spokespeople Just Got Put In An Absolute Blender On CNN




I typically don’t like to get too political or post any political blogs on here at all. However, Trump doesn’t count because he’s a lunatic and not a politician, so I have no problem posting this. Laugh out loud funny exchange here.


“Who?! Who says we’re losing?! Who the FUCK says we ain’t in the lead.”


“Ummm, literally everybody, sir.  I just mentioned that.”


“Oh, ok. What was the question?”


Stunning that this crack team of geniuses isn’t in the lead for the the White House. Absolutely stunning. Be a lawyer, bro. Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. If you’re not sure who says you’re losing then it’s probably everybody. Ask the North Koreans, they get those same “We’re the best! Don’t listen to everyone else!” updates.