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Smoking Meth And Falling Naked Off A Roof While Having Sex Is No Way To Go Through Life

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LUFKIN – A Lufkin police officer was startled Monday when he looked in his rearview mirror and saw a naked man at an intersection. The officer reported that Ricky Brimer Jr., 31, was trying to cover himself with a piece of carpet. “When officers made contact with Brimer, they noticed he was paranoid, twitchy and had bloody scratches on his arms and torso,” a police report states. Brimer told officers he was on a nearby roof having sex with a woman when he fell and hurt his chest. The officers wrote in their report Brimer acknowledged taking K2 and methamphetamine earlier in the day. A neighbor gave him a pair of jeans to cover himself.



K2 AND meth. Not just K2. Not just meth. He dabbled in both. “Hey you know the fake weed stuff that causes people to go bat shit insane? That’s not enough for me. I’m gonna throw a little meth on top of that. Ya know, just to see what happens.” Well here’s what happens. You start fucking on some random person’s roof. You fall off the woman and the roof. You end up with scratches on your chest and handcuffs on your wrists. End of story. I feel really good about myself after reading that article. Some days I feel like I drink too much coffee. Do I really need to slam that third cup? Probably not but hey. It’s not like I’m rolling up K2 and meth into the same blunt (I have no idea if that’s how meth and K2 work. My drug experience is weed so that’s all I know). On the scale of things that I abuse, coffee is probably number 1. Do I get heart palpitations from time to time? Yes I do. Have I ever drank enough coffee to make fall off a roof while naked? No I haven’t. I’m doing just fine.