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The Rangers Are Pimping Out Celebrities In Attempts To Land Jimmy Vesey

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How much do you think it cost to get Susan Sarandon on board? Or that lady from Food Network? Big rollers those Rangers big rollers. Probably cost an extra $5k just to make sure they didn’t use the word “touchdown” in the tweet. Here the Rangers are complaining about cap stress yet they’re spending money on twitter endorsements from Turtle? Talk about mismanaging your finances.

With #VeseyWatch currently the hottest thing in these HockeyTwitter streets we have fanbases all over the league doing their part to try and lure in the Hobey Baker Award winner. Some are sending their Captain to meet the guy in person, while others are getting washed up rappers to send tweets. Just makes you think is all I’m saying.


In all reality, there’s a stronger chance Vesey lands with the Rangers IF he even does choose to play in New York, but if you think these tweets will have any sort effect on his decision then I bet you watch porn for the interior decorating tips.

Vesey is in the middle of a media whirlwind but his choice to hit open market is what created it. With rumors of him wanting to stay in Boston, that he’s already bought an apartment in NYC, and that he wants to play with Jack Eichel in Buffalo all swirling, just where will Jimmy V end up? Well it hard to say.

PS – Thor getting in on the action was rattling to say the least. We broke bread together Noah. Stood at center ice together. How could you do this to me? To La Familia?

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