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Ellen Had To Tell The World She's Not A Racist After Posting a Picture Of Her Riding on Usain Bolt's Back

Pretty innocent picture, right? WRONG. Nothing on Twitter can be taken for face value. Everything always has to mean something more. And if you’re someone like Ellen The Generous with 61.5 million followers, someone will find a way to be offended. And that’s exactly what happened this week when that photoshop of of her riding on Usain Bolt’s back was posted to her Twitter. People got MAD on Twitter, which is the dumbest place to get mad about anything. Seriously, if you get mad on Twitter, go kill yourself. You’re more than likely an idiot loser with a bad hairline. All Ellen’s hip, cool social media team was saying is Usain Bolt runs fast and Ellen would be able to get to Super Cuts quicker if she just rode on his back. It obviously had nothing to do about race, but if you click the thread, you see a ton of people acting like she just sent us back to the 1800s. So Ellen then had to Tweet this:

Though it would be awesome if Ellen was sneaky a huge racist, because it’s ELLEN, I think we can all agree that Ellen is basically your dad making corny jokes to the waitress at TGIFridays, not a Grand Wizard. I mean sure there’s a chance, I didn’t think Mel Gibson would end up being a Nazi, but I think it’s safer than not to say Ellen isn’t going to burn a cross on Usain Bolt’s lawn any time soon.