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Jim Harbaugh vs. Jim Rome Is The Most Electric Internet Feud Since Nate vs. Smitty 2016



Here’s the rundown –

Harbaugh avoids questions about suspended players:

Jim Rome didn’t like that:

“Jim Harbaugh, Michigan coach, is already in midseason form,” he began. “He stormed out of a media session. Kind of shocking. Shocking that Harbaugh would get fed up, irritated, aggravated, in a media session. But he did so because reporters had the nerve to ask him a real football question. He pulled his walk off when reporters pressed him about three players that were missing from a team photo.”

“With that a walk off,” he said. “With that line of questioning. That is not an unfair question. What that is a jerk move by the coach. That is not an unfair question or an unfair line of questioning. Like coach, you have multiple players unaccounted for, nobody knows where they are or what happened to them.

“You know why they want a second question, a third question Jim? Because you didn’t answer the first question. If you answered the first question, there would be no need for a second question, a third question a fourth question …” [Freep]

Time for Twitter fingers:

Harbaugh with a huge Nate move, coming out swinging so hard when everything was relatively calm.

Rome responds with a so-so Ohio State diss.

Fucking Rome.

Coming at Harbaugh? That’s the last gun in the bullet right there.