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Pro Dunker Jordan Kilganon Broke Out His Scorpion Dunk In Rio, This Time Over Three People

So Jordan Kilganon was at it again yesterday by breaking out the Scorpion Dunk. The last time we saw it was when Kilganon dropped it over someone during the NBA All-Star Weekend with jeans on.

This time he not only did it over three people, but did it with blue hair and camo shorts. You know how hard it is to pull off blue hair and camo shorts? Damn near impossible. But when your resume says that you are a Professional Dunker, you can basically do whatever you want. Kilganon can even keep doing the Scorpion Dunk with different tweaks just like Marge Simpson kept making subtle adjustments to that Chanel suit back when The Simpsons was in its prime just because the dunk is that good.


Shit, now I’m sad thinking about when The Simpsons was a good, let alone great, TV show. Time to get happy again watching Jordan Kilganon do crazy ass dunks.