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Carmelo Anthony Decided To Visit The Slums Of Rio


Look at Olympic Melo just hanging out in the Favelas and not giving a flying fuck about anything. People around the world were scared just to go to Rio or the Olympic Village. That dope Ryan Lochte got held up while taking a cab around the city. And Melo’s teammates have been living a life of luxury on a super yacht that is probably worth more than the entire GNP of Brazil. And here is our boy Melo casually becoming a legend in the Favelas like Simple Jack in Vietnam.

And yes I know that Carmelo grew up in the war zone that is Western Baltimore. But I think The Western (I’ve watched The Wire, nbd) is a war zone in name only. However I’m pretty sure Melo is sitting smack dab in the middle of an actual level from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in this picture (and based on his outfit, I’m guessing it’s also a Bloods neighborhood). When you start going to places where the only celebrity that has ever been there was Michael Jackson, you must be in some God forsaken part of the world that even Mother Theresa wouldn’t go near.

Olympic Melo: Athlete. Ambassador. Unfuckingtouchable.
Knicks Melo: Probably misses the 2016-17 season due to something Olympic Melo caught while in Rio.